Home Computer Support Service

No matter you want to setup or install your new computer, connecting a digital device, don’t know how to use an application or have problems with your computer, give us a call and our qualified technician will be assisting you on-site or remotely via remote support. Why hassle to move your computer in and out?

Computer Optimization / Tune Up

Does your computer boot up slowly or running application slowly that makes you wait? Our optimization service can improve the performance of your computer and help you to improve your productivity.

Computer Viruses Removal

Do you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer to protect your system and data from being infected by computer virus? Computer virus can cause damages to your valuable data or even spreading to your family and friend’s computer when you send e-mails or share files. If you are unsure whether you computer is protected by one of the anti-virus program, you can do a free virus scan or contact us for a solution.

Spyware Removal

Spyware is a small piece of software being installed on your computer without your permission. It can take control of your computer or secretly monitor your every key stroke. Spyware can be used steal data stored on your computer that may lead to loss of personal data and sensitive information. You can have a free spyware scan on your computer or contact us to do it for you and have it removed from your computer.

Home Networking

Do you have more than one computer at home and you want to share the data, storage, printer and Internet connection between them? A wireless network or power-line home networking can help you to share these resources easily.

PC Security

PC security is crucial when your computer is connected to the Internet. A personal computer firewall or internet security program protects your computer from malicious attacks or hackers. The security software can alert you when a program is attempted to transmit your sensitive informed over the Internet.

Data Backup and Recovery

Have you ever experienced data lost? How often do you backup your important data? Loss of data could cost you time and money to recovering it, sometimes it may losses forever. We can offer you solution to backup your data regularly. We also offer data recovery service that try to recover files and data resulting from hardware malfunctions, software conflicts, accidental deletion or viruses.

Data Transfer / Migration

Do you need to transfer you data from one computer to another computer such as your notebook? Or you want to upgrade your existing hard drive and don’t want to reinstall all your software and applications? We can help you to transfer your data and show you how to access your data or migrating– your existing system to a new one without lost of data and preference you have been set.

System Upgrade / Installation

Do you need to add more memory, hard disk drive, internal card, optical / DVD drive to your system or you want to install software on your computer? Improper handling of installation could damage your computer and result in greater cost to repair your system. Why not just give us a call and we will handle it for you at your place.

Custom Built PCs

Not satisfied with the out-of-box computers and want to build a custom computer at your specification? Please give us a call and we will help you to build your dream computer.

One-on-One Training

Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Office i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel and Access; how to use e-mail program and set up rules; how to connect your digital device such iPod or digital camera to your computer and how to down load music files to your iPod or photos from your camera? We can deliver a one-on-one training at your home. Please contact us and see how we can help you.

ITSupportDesk provides on-site computer support services or remote technical support services to customers in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, White Rock, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.


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